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When it comes to hauling operations, you are in search of a reliable tilt semitrailer which is reasonably priced and yet can efficiently deliver cargo to various locations. Well, behold the Kogel Tilt Semitrailer, a vehicle built with you in mind.

The Kogel Tilt Semitrailers get described by many of their users as resilient and sturdy. They are also fast to load and offload, thus making the hauling process easy. These semitrailers come with low maintenance costs and given that we are offering them at the best price on the market, you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Running costs are quite low when compared to most of the other brands in the market, thereby making the Kogel Tilt Semitrailers some of the most cost-effective vehicles.

Services offered

Some of our pre-sale services include the conduction of an extensive inspection of the Kogel Tilt Semitrailers to ensure that they are in excellent condition. Items such as brakes and tyres are thoroughly examined in authorized service centers by trained technicians to make sure that they are in excellent condition.

We offer you detailed service reports on your preferred semitrailer to better help you understand its history.

Wide selection

What joy would it be if you only got to view one vehicle and make a choice? None! And that is why we offer you tons of options from which to choose. Have fun playing around with the search filters on mileage, color, operating hours and other such factors until you land on the semitrailer of your choice.

Once you have come to a decision, we will guide you through the sales process as we handle all expenses incurred on documentation. What’s more, we will deliver the trailer to the port closest to you.

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