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Schmitz Cargobull Reefer semitrailers


In our used reefer semitrailers at Class Trucks, you will find a list of Schmitz Cargobull reefer semitrailers. The reason behind our stocking of these fantastic reefer semitrailers is that they come with a lot of advantages including, but not limited to savings on fuel, controlled temperatures, and long life spans.

Through various innovations, Schmitz cargobull have come up with multiple reefer semitrailers suited to transport numerous products through diverse weather conditions. No matter the goods they are suited for or the size, these Schmitz cargobull reefer semitrailers have something in common and that is high-quality features designed to last.

Why do we love Schmitz cargobull reefer semitrailers?

High insulation
With maximum insulation, you get an assurance that your products get protected from harsh weather conditions. These reefer semitrailers are suitable for the transport of perishable goods. An efficient cooling system gets provided in the trailer by the use of optimal airflow, guaranteeing that the temperature regulation is constant.

What’s more, the insulation ensures energy efficiency and thus reduces costs incurred during transportation.

Safety equipment
You will find lots of safety equipment to ensure that the loading, transport and offloading processes are smooth.

Data management systems
Get to know the state of your cargo by checking in through data management systems that help you better manage the temperatures, location, and conditions of your load.

Contact us today and get your very own Schmitz cargobull reefer semitrailer, equipped with the latest technology to make your transport processes a breeze.

We handle all the paperwork expenses on your behalf by processing all documents and handing the semitrailer to you, thoroughly inspected and ready to haul cargo. Upon request, we also deliver the semitrailers to a port near you for ease of transport.
We hope to hook you up with your very own Schmitz cargobull reefer semitrailer.

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