TOP-5 tips for drivers


No. 5 Safety first

There are thousands of vehicles on the road each day and not only you must drive safely, but also you have to observe your environment. Remember that there‘s not only other vehicles around you, but also people and animals. Selecting safe speed and distance between vehicles can be beneficial in unexpected situations.

No. 4 Get plenty of rest and healthy snacks

Getting good rest and sleeping good is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It sounds simple, but it can acctually save your life. Sleeping 6-8 hours at night can help you stay awake and being alert on the road. Nothing can change a good night sleep! Taking a break when you have a chance, to have a quick nap, grab a snack or just stretch yourself, because it can increase you’re alertness. High protein snacks can help you remain alert during long drives.

No. 3 Vehicle maintenance

No driving article can be without mentioning of vehicle maintenance and importance of it. If your truck were to break down during delivery that would be extremely bad. Keeping your truck and trailer properly maintained isn’t that hard. If you have a regular schedule to detect most serious issues before they become a problem – you should be okay.

No. 2 Check your truck and trailer’s tires

You need to be very careful with your tires because they are connection between your truck and the road. Make sure the air pressure is correct. Look for signs of bad roads or other issues that could affect your tires and your safety.

No. 1 Conduct a pre-trip inspection

You have to inspect vehicle before every trip. Do a visual inspection and check all-important items. Including tires, wipers, fluids and lights. Do this inspection more often due to temperatures. We know it’s time consuming but you must do it. Think about it as a routine and stick with it.


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