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Skubame pranešti, kad š.m. Spalio 19d. dalyvausime Lietuvos Vežėjų Sąjungos (LVS) organizuojamame atvirame renginyje!
Today we are going to share TOP-5 tips for drivers.
It doesn‘t matter if you‘re driving a truck or just a car, these tips can help you any time.
So, let’s begin!
Our clients know that we were the first ones in our market to present 360° photo feature. We took a lot of thinking on how we can make your buying experience better. And we did it! Could it be any easier than to sit at your home computer or with phone in your hand and see the whole truck interior?
The year of 2018 is bringing something special not only for us, but for our clients as well. One of our goals is to grow big and provide our clients with more than best price and complete service. European buyers of premium selected trucks and trailers are increasingly choosing ClassTrucks because we have strong and professional partners alongside. So from the beginning of the year we decided to collaborate with one of the strongest leasing companies in Poland – “Aureus Leasing sp. O.o”.
We start the year of 2018 with a new look. New logo, new colors and new website!

We want “ClassTrucks” to begin the year with a new – modern style and for this reason we decided to update our logo. It’s new, it’s fresh and so good looking!
We begin year of 2018 with changes. Our goal is to prepare used vehicles, so they can be almost as new. For this reason we decided to concentrate on only selling trucks from year of 2014. As for reefer semi-trailers, we will continue to sell Schmitz from 2011.
We always want to make sure that our clients gets more than just a vehicle from us. For that reason we want to share our experience and help you save time, money and other resources. Our team gathered up and created this unique topic of „Eco-driving“. Each week we are going to post a new article about eco-driving tips and this artice is the first one. So let us begin and dive right into this topic!
When in 2016 we opened our first dealership in Poland, we did not expect to grow so fast and yet we come to you with good news! Poland’s country manager Silvestr Ochrimovič says: Our big dream is to create new value in used trucks and trailers market – “LIKE NEW”, where major new trucks and trailers features are combined and ready for our clients.
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