Volvo's truck drivers are accompanied by advanced systems on the road


On January 22nd and 23rd, ClassTrucks participated in product training at Volvo. During the event Volvo specialists presented the systems for heavy transport that are already available to ClassTrucks customers. The training was attended by ClassTrucks representatives from Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and also from Russia and Spain, where the company branches are planned to be opened this year.

Safety and driving support systems

Volvo's training also included information about key safety and driving support systems that are important to ensure the safety of drivers and vehicles on the road.

The Electronic Stability Program ESP (Electronic Stability Program), which has been operating in Volvo trucks since 2012, supports the stability of the truck on the road, in turns and on slippery surfaces. When the system detects that the truck is starting to accelerate or move abnormally, the ESP activates the brakes, pausing the wheels of one or the other side of the vehicle and equilibrate the trajectory of the tractor and its semi-trailer.

Another system, LKS (Lane Keeping Support), which has been operating in trucks since 2014, helps to maintain a safe driving trajectory by signaling an unsafe crossing of a white line of the road edge. The system only works at speeds above 60 km / h and clearly recognizes when line crossing is intentional and when unintentional. This makes it possible to avoid emergency situations that may be caused by the absence of driver vigilance or even by falling asleep at the steering wheel. In situations where the boundary line must be intentionally crossed, the system may be deactivated, but the next time the vehicle is switched on, the system starts operating. Another technology solution is closely linked to this system, the DAS (Driver Alert Support) system, which prevents accidents that can be caused by tired and risking falling asleep drivers. When the truck moves behind the white road edge line 5-6 times, the system icons on the dashboard suggest stopping for a rest.

Advanced Collision Warning and Emergency Braking System CWEB (Collision Warning and Emergency Braking system), which has been in operation since 2012, informs the driver about the risk of collision with another vehicle and if he does not act – the truck stops itself. The operation of this system is ensured by the built-in radar and the camera, which enhances the clarity of the front-mounted obstacles, even the moving ones. At the front of the obstacle that the driver may not notice, the system calculates the distance to the collision and responds accordingly by warning with acoustic sounds and starting the vehicle's slowdown. With the inevitable collision risk, but without the driver's response, the system automatically activates the brakes automatically.

The I-See Driving Support System, Volvo has been used in trucks since 2013, using topographic data via GPS, seeing the way in the forefront of the truck and adjusting its speed, depending on terrain, on slopes and inclines. Improved and more detailed maps will make the system more accurate and efficient. The CRUISE E4 system, which is closely related to this system, allows to determine the speed deviation that is applied to the terrain and thus further contributes to the reduction of fuel consumption.

The information provided and the illustrative material of it are owned by Volvo Trucks.

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