Transition from Euro 5 to Euro 6


We begin year of 2018 with changes. Our goal is to prepare used vehicles, so they can be almost as new. For this reason we decided to concentrate on only selling trucks from year of 2014. As for reefer semi-trailers, we will continue to sell Schmitz from 2011.

You are probably wondering why we decided to make this transition. We want to make sure that our clients buy vehicles that not only will help them to deliver their cargo, but also help them to save fuel, operating costs and drive more environmental friendly vehicles. Many of you probably know that fuel and vehicle repair & maintenance makes up a large part of cost over period of use. Furthermore, newer trucks has intelligent systems built-in, which alows to save even more fuel and extend truck‘s lifespan.

We know that traveling long distances can be very tiring and this is why comfortable working environment is crucial. Another benefit why to choose Euro 6 truck instead of Euro 5. Ergonomic workplace, new seats, innovative heating system and more comfortable beds creates a working environment that increases comfort, safety and work efficiency.

This year we will bring all those features to you, so you could enjoy your driving experience and improve your bussines with our Euro 6 trucks.

We wish you good luck this year and if you have any further questions – contact our sales managers without hesitation.

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