Innovations keeps up ahead of the market. We present our new 360° photos and it‘s just the beginning!


Our clients know that we were the first ones in our market to present 360° photo feature.

We took a lot of thinking on how we can make your buying experience better. And we did it! Could it be any easier than to sit at your home computer or with phone in your hand and see the whole truck interior?

We want to give you the best customer experience and for this reason we made the possibility to see all interior details of the truck. Sometimes buying or reserving a vehicle online can be challenging, but we want to make sure you won‘t have any doubts.

Here at ClassTrucks we spend a lot of time making ideas a reality that can change used-vehicles selling market. We think that innovations are really important to keep up with, in order to be the leader of the market. And to be at the top of the market, you have to do things that nobody else thought or did.

We invested time to find the best 360° camera in order to deliver high quality photos for you, so just enjoy this feature and explore our trucks from the inside!

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