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In our catalogue, we have listed ninety-eight tractor units, thirty-seven reefer semitrailers, and four tilt semitrailers. All the registered vehicles are of different makes and companies, and each comes with its array of features.


You will note that you can apply a general filter to your search by choosing newest, A-Z, Z-A, maximum price to the minimum as well as minimum price to the maximum. This filtering is the most general and can help you gauge what’s available as you decide on a model you would like.


Supposing that you already have an idea of the truck you wish to purchase, you can get straight to it by using the filters listed below.


Type of vehicle

Under this search filter, you will find one hundred tractor units, five tilt semitrailers, and thirty-eight different reefer semitrailers. All the cars listed per type differ with regards to registration date, make, pricing and other critical factors. Choose your preferred vehicle and move on to the next filter.



How much are you willing to spend on a truck? The price filter lets you pick a range, e.g., from 50,000 Euros to 70,000 Euros. In this way, you can avoid going beyond your set budget.

You can also do this with the mileage and registration date preferences.


Wheel formula

On what kinds of wheels will you be cruising? You have the options of 4*2 and 6*2. Take your pick and move on to a different category.



Given a choice between BigSpace and GlobeTrotter XL, what would you choose? Both these options get offered in the cabin preferences.



We are not short of renowned brands, and you get to choose between Mercedes BenzVolvoSchmitz CargobullKrone, and Kogel.


Also included in the filters is the location where you get to have six different regions listed. Go through our catalogue and get to have your pick amongst hundreds of different vehicles.

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    Artur Bovšovskij Lentvario g. 7, LT-02300, Vilnius, Lithuania

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