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MAN Trucks

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable truck, you can now purchase MAN trucks from ClassTrucks. This model stands out for its excellent fuel efficiency, significantly reducing operating costs. Our trucks are carefully selected and young-used, which means that you get a high-quality vehicle that performs like new but at a lower price.


With a powerful engine, this truck is built to handle heavy loads and long-distance journeys. Its advanced technology and aerodynamic design stand out to make a smooth ride. It is equipped with advanced safety systems such as Lane Departure Alert Assist and Emergency Brake Assist. Whether you are a seasoned truck driver or just starting out, the MAN TGX trucks from ClassTrucks has everything you need.


Its cabin is spacious and comfortable, with modern technology and features to enhance the driving experience. The truck is equipped with a complete remote tracking system that allows for real-time monitoring and analysis of vehicle performance.


All our trucks have been operated by Girteka Logistics fleet prior to the sale, the buyer will get a full-service booklet. If you are looking for a durable and robust design, guaranteeing its longevity and reliability, look no further than the used MAN truck from ClassTrucks.

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