Refrigerated semi-trailers

Refrigerated semi trailers from the first owner, perfectly maintained semi trailers. Reliable reefer semi-trailers from the largest vehicle fleet in Europe - Girteka Logistics.

Here at Class Trucks, we provide you with tons of choices when it comes to used refrigerated semi trailers and at reasonable costs. Though reefers get thought of as vessels used to carry items in cooled environments, we also provide heated options in our array.

Our refrigerated semi trailers are suitable for the transportation of agricultural produce, chemicals, computers, organs, medical supplies as well as other perishable goods.

What stands out about our refrigerated semi trailers?

Compatibility and background checks
We provide you with a list of the refrigerated semi trailers which are compatible with your truck to ensure that you invest in something that can serve you for years. The prices listed in our catalogue are quite friendly, and they promise you value for your money.

All refrigerated semi trailers come to you, thoroughly inspected and ready to hit the road. You also need not worry about a long chain of command as we are the sole owners of these units, making the purchase process straightforward.

Before you commit to buying a refrigerated semi trailer, we will provide you with comprehensive reports on its service history. We also stock refrigerated semi trailers whose replacement parts are easy to come by on the open market such that down the line, should you need to get anything replaced, it will not be a hassle.

Services offered
We take care of all the paperwork involved as well as expenses on documentation and delivery. What’s more, we deliver the refrigerated semi trailer to the nearest port to you, enabling you to save time and money. 

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ID: 196167
Registration date: 14-03-2018
Operating hours: 4382 h
Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland
41 500 €
ID: 195323
Registration date: 15-03-2018
Operating hours: 5378 h
Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland
41 700 €
ID: 195242
Registration date: 28-02-2018
Operating hours: 4301 h
Rawa Mazowiecka, Poland
41 700 €
ID: 195489
Registration date: 19-06-2018
Operating hours: 2621 h
Valencia, Spain
41 700 €
ID: 175331
Registration date: 06-02-2017
Operating hours: 6645 h
Vilnius, Lithuania
37 800 €
ID: 175376
Registration date: 20-02-2017
Operating hours: 6306 h
Vilnius, Lithuania
37 800 €
ID: 177377
Registration date: 03-05-2017
Operating hours: 6283 h
Vilnius, Lithuania
40 000 €
ID: 195253
Registration date: 28-02-2018
Operating hours: 3800 h
Vilnius, Lithuania
41 700 €
ID: 195234
Registration date: 06-02-2018
Operating hours: 4159 h
Vilnius, Lithuania
41 700 €
ID: 195840
Registration date: 08-01-2019
Operating hours: 2710 h
Vilnius, Lithuania
45 700 €


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