Refrigerated Krone semi trailers from sales yards


KRONE has been in operation for many years, and during that time, they have come up with amazing reefers that can help you transport your cargo through different temperature zones without incurring losses from ruined products due to exposure to high heat.
At Class Trucks, we look to this company as one of the most significant suppliers of reefer semi trailers. It is no surprise therefore that we stock their used products.

Why the KRONE semi trailers?

Reliable cooling efficiency
The last thing you wish to experience is having to dispose of your products because they got ruined en-route due to unfavorable temperatures. The chassis, body and all the equipment in the Krone semi trailer are designed to ensure that your products will not get exposed to high heat during the journey.

The Krone semi trailers come with a flexible air duct, stainless steel back closures, and a leak-proof tray. Nothing comes in, and nothing leaves the trailer, ensuring safety and controlled temperatures.

If you wish to have more control over the transport of your goods, these trailers can get equipped with software that gives you status reports on the temperature, location as well as the status of your cargo throughout the journey. A system installed in these reefer semitrailers keeps track of your tyre pressure, and you also get to benefit from complicated security systems to keep your products safe. They are compatible with crane pockets such that should you wish to use water as your preferred mode of transport, you get sorted.

All these features and more are the reasons why we put our trust in Krone semi trailers and our customers are happy with the results they get. Contact us today, and we will hook you up with a used Krone refrigerated semi trailer that will not only come at a reasonable cost but one that will serve you for years, thus giving you value for your money.

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Registration date: 21-03-2018
Operating hours: 4030 h
Vilnius, Lithuania
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