Best Price Guarantee

Still keep searching for the best possible price for a truck or semi-trailer of your dreams?

  • Look no more, as it’s a great chance that you will find it right here. We always want to make sure that our customers get the most profitable deals possible.
  • How do we do that? Our product catalogue and prices of vehicles there are being updated daily and there is no secret – we even appreciate our customers looking for better prices at our competitors.
  • Why? It challenges us to work even harder – we are always ready to adjust our pricing or negotiate if there are any critical price differences between our and market pricing.

So let’s connect whether you found a vehicle you like in our catalogue, or want to negotiate with us on pricing of it. And don’t hesitate to inform us if you found a better deal somewhere else, because there is a huge possibility we may offer you something even better!

If you have just started your search for a new fleet member – why not giving us a shot and checking our catalogue first? We bet you will find something you'll fall in love with. If so, leave the rest for us – full service history to ensure your peace of mind, or Financing your purchase: we have it all in one place.

If you already found a truck or semitrailer you were looking for, but price is an issue – fill in the contact form or give us a call, and we'll do our best to offer you as convenient purchasing conditions for your business as possible.

If you still have doubts regarding what to choose and what make or model is optimal for your business – get in touch with our team. As we have experienced professionals working with worlds most renowned brands, we have utmost knowledge about each and every aspect of currently trending heavy transport makes.

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